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Controlling body temperature requires..

  • Temperature receptors in the skin to detect the external temperature
  • Temperature receptors in the brain the measure the temperature of the blood.
  • The brain which acts as a processing centre, to receive information from the temperature receptors,responding by triggering the effectors.
  • Effectors (sweat glands and muscles) to carry out the automatic response.
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Body temperature.

  • Energy loss and energy gain from your body need to be balanced so that your boys temperature remains constant.
  • The temperature of your body's extremities is normally cooler than your core body temperature.
  • Energy is transferred from the blood to the tissues when it reaches the cooler parts.
  • If your body temperature is too high, heat needs to be transferred to the environment. This is done by sweating, since evaporation form the skin requires heat energy.
  • If your body temperature is too low your body starts to shiver. Shivering is the rapid contraction and release of the muscles.
  • They need energy from the increased respiration and heat is released as a by-product, warming surrounding tissue.
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Causes of heat stroke include..

  • Exercising in very warm conditions.
  • Very high humidity
  • Dehydration.
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Symptons of heat stroke are..

  • Confusion
  • Red/dry skin.
  • Low blood pressure.
  • Convulsions.
  • Fainting.
  • Rapid heartbeat.
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