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Conformity is when you change the way you act or your beliefs due to pressures from others to fit in.

Group Cohesiveness:

  • Highly cohesive - the people in the group get on well together and have no desire to join a different group
  • Low cohesive -the people in the group are thrown together and lack trust so do not stick together, e.g. a class


  • Formal roles - e.g. teachers role is to teach and the students role is to participate/learn
  • Informal - Task related roles are when you get the job done, they usually have a specific purpose, e.g. booking a holiday.  Social emotion roles are when you keep the peace within your group and look after the individuals.
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The Nature Of Conformity:

  • Compliance - Changing behaviour but NOT opinion (public conformity)
  • Internalisation - Changing both behaviour AND opinion (private change)

What influences our decision to conform:

  • Normative Influence - Occurs when we want to gain approval or avoid dissaproval from others. You want to be liked/accepted by others.
  • Informational Influence - Most common in ambiguous situations when you don't know how to behave, we copy other peopleas we assume they know what they are doing.

Factors affecting conformity:

  • Personality, Gender, Level of education and Self esteem
  • Size of majority, Level of difficulty of task, Percieved status of those in majority and Social Support.
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