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Science- Homeostasis.

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Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is an uncontrolled increase in your body temperature.

Increased sweating due to very hot tempertaures can lead to dehydration. Dehydration stops sweating from occuring which leads to the core body temperature increasing even further.

If your body isn't cooled down, the normal systems for controlling body temperature break down and this results in death.

Causes of heat stroke include..

  • exercising in very warm conditions
  • very high humidity
  • dehydration.

Symptoms of heat stroke are..

  • confusion
  • red/dry skin
  • low blood pressure
  • convulsions
  • fainting
  • rapid heartbeat.

Initially, you can treat heat stroke by..

  • removing clothes and bathing in cool water
  • cooling body using wet towels
  • using a fan
  • putting ice packs on the neck, head and groin
  • elevating (raising) the legs.
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