Revision of paragraphs/speech

Step 1:

Read paragraph aloud 3 times....

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Step 2:

Say from memory the paragraph you just read aloud...

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Step 3:

Check paragraph from memory to written paragraph. If there are any mistakes repeat these 3 steps until you've learnt the paragraph.

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Step 4:

Setup a microphone on your PC or electronic device (laptop, desktop, phone, tablet, etc) and record yourself saying the paragraph/speech aloud.

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Step 5:

Listen to your paragraph constantly whenever you get an opportunity to.

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Step 6:

After reading the paragraph/speech and revising it, try to write it down from memory. Next write it down 3 times whilst reading it. 

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Hopefully these steps were helpful! I used these methods to revise for my GCSE writing exams and speaking exams.

Goodluck you can do it!

"You can do it...why? Because I said you can!"

"Repeat after me: You can do this."

"You can do anything you set your mind to."

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