Resurrection Text - Beliefs about death and beyond

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John 20 - The Resurrection of Jesus

Mary Magdalene cane to Jesus' tomb and saw that the stone had been removed. 

She ran to the disciples to inform them that Jesus' body had been removed from the tomb. 

Mary stood weeping outside the tomb, two angels appeared and asked her why she was weeping, she expplained that she did not know where Jesus' body had been moved to. 

Then Jesus appeared to her, although she did not know it was him at first, and asked her the same question, again she explained the situation.

Jesus revealed his identity to Mary, and said to her that she must inform his disciples that he was ascending to the Father. 

Mary gave Jesus' message to the disciples

Jesus appeared to his disciples and showed them his hands. He said to them "Peace be with you, as the father as sent me, so i send you"

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