Resurrection teaches Christians about God

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  • Literally "in human flesh" - belief that God appeared on Earth in the physical body of Jesus. Jesus was totally human and totally divine - free from sin 
  • Teaches Christians about God:-
  • God loves human beings 
  • Jesus' life and teaching shows God's power and love
  • Jesus' life and teaching shows human beings how God wants them to live
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  • The death of Jesus on the cross. Christians remember this as Good Friday and in the weekly service of Holy Communion / Eucharist / Mass
  • Teaches Christians about God:-
  • shows the love of God for human beings - Jesus' death offers human beings a way back to God as Jesus has "paid the price" for human sin
  • Atonement:- Jesus' death atones for human sins (makes amends for) - restores relationship between God and human beings which was broken by human sin
  • Sacrifice:- something that is offered up or given up (to God) - Jesus' death is seen as perfect sacrifice for human sin
  • Redemption:- to "reddeem" something is to "buy it back" - Jesus' death on the cross is perferct sacrifice for human sin and so "buys back" human beings for God
  • Original Sin:- human sin - Christians believe that this is in ever human being from the Fall
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  • Being raised from the dead to new life. Christians remember the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday - 3 days after the crucifixion
  • Teaches Christians about God:- 
  • shows that God has power over death 
  • the power of death/sin is defeated over the eternal fate of human beings 
  • If humans say sorry and ask for God's forgiveness and promise to lead a new life, God will forgive their sins
  • Believers have the promise of eternal life - Jesus' resurrection means death is not the end of life. Death offers the promise of eternal life with God
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  • Jesus' return to heaven 40 days after his resurrection. Jesus is "raised to the right hand of God" - a position of power and authority
  • Teaches Christians about God:-
  • God has power over life and death
  • Jesus is part of the Trinity - God the Son
  • Jesus fulfils his promise to never leave his followers at Pentecost with the giving/sending of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit appears in the form of tongues of fire and the sound of rushing wind and the disciples are able to "speak in tongue". The Holy Spirit is the power of God at work within human beings and the Church at large. 
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