Restless Earth Case Studies

Some of the case studies from the 'Restless Earth' topic - AQA GCSE Geography 


The Alps - Uses of Fold Mountains - Case Study

Spread over Germany; France; Lietchenstein; Slovakia and Switzerland

Formed 30 million years ago

Population of 12 million

 Formed when African and European Plate Collided






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Montserrat - Volcanic Eruption - Case Study Basic

Soufriere Hills Volcano

June 25th 1997

Destructive Plate Margin --> Atlantic under Caribbean

Magma rose through Soufriere Hills -- Underground pool of magma

Rock above pool collapsed - vent formed - eruption occurred

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Montserrat - Volcanic Eruption - Primary Impacts


Plymouth buried under 12km of ash

20 villages and 2/3 of homes destroyed -- Pyroclastic flow

Schools; Hospitals; Airport; Port destroyed

Vegetation and Farmland destroyed

19 died - 7 injured

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Montserrat - Volcanic Eruption - Secondary Impacts


Fires destroyed buildings (government offices, police HQ, petrol station)

Businesses Destroyed


8000 out of 12 000 inhabitants fled since eruptions began

Volcanic Ash - improved soil fertility

Tourism Increase - people want to see volcano

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Montserrat - Volcanic Eruption - Immediate Respons

Immediate Responses: 

People were Evacuated

Shelters were Built --> House evacuees

Temporary Infastructure built

UK provided £17 million emergency aid

Local emergency services provided support

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