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Involuntary response - automatic reflex to protect body from damage. A reflex brough about by a chain of nerves is called a reflex arc, where the sensory goes to the spinal cord, across a synapse by a relay neurone and to the motor

Voluntary response - Brain is part of the response pathway. 

Stimuli are changes in the environment that cause a response. 

The pathway for a voluntary response is:

Stimulus -> Receptor -> Sensory -> CNS -> Motor -> Effector -> Response

Nerve impulses are sent the the effectors e.g. muscles. 

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that carry information across a synapse- a gap between neurone fibres. 

The myelin sheath is a fatty substance surronding dendrons (fibre that carries impulse) and axons (sends impulse to dendrites) that speeds up nerve imuplses. 

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