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Comapring to Combustion

Fossil Fuel + Oxygen ---> Carbon Dioxide + Water + heat + light

    ^                                                                                     ^

Source of energy                                                 Forms of energy

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Respiration (aerobic)

Glucose + Oxygen ----> Carbon Dioxide + Water + ATP

     ^                                                                             ^

Source of energy                                          Form of energy

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Respiration Process

  • Oxygen enters the lungs through inhalation.
  • Glucose enters the body as food and is digested and absorbed into the blood stream through the small intestines.
  • The heart pumps the blood (which contains the oxygen and glucose) around the body.
  • Toxic waste needs to be released from the body by passing through the circulatory system and excreted as carbon dioxide by exhaling.
  • When the molecules enter the cells respiration occurs within the mitochondria allowing energy to be released aerobically.
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Importance of Respiration

  • Active Transport
  • Muscle cell contraction
  • Swimming of sperm cells
  • Nerve impulse transmission
  • Metabolic reactions
  • Seperation of chromosomes in nuclear division
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