Superior English ships- The english had Galleons. Galleons were faster and much easier to manoeurve. But as the English only had 24 Galleons this was not the only reason the armada failed.

Cannons- The cannons have a much smaller recoil, this meant the english could reload and fire them much quicker.

Elizabeth listened to expert adivie on the ships. The treasurer of the Navy told her that they needed warships that were fast and manouverable.

The Armada was badly supplied-

  • the food was of bad quality and it was stores in barrels made of inferior wood. This led to food rotting quickly.
  • because of Drake's raid on Calais this meant new ones had to made quickly.
  • the lack of food led to the spanish not being alert.
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The English had better ships, weapons, forces at sea and forces on land.

Ships- 54 battleships, 140 mercahnt ships that had been converted.

weapons- nearly 2000 cannons and smaller guns.

forces at sea- 14000 sailors

forces on land- 20000 soldiers, three main armies placed at tilbury, essex and kent.

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