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how can we classifiy resources

PHYSICAL- natural materials such as coal and iron

ENERGY- materials that can be burnt to produce heat and electricity e.g coal

MINERAL-quarried or mined from ground e.g iron ore

BIOLOGICAL-trees or crops which are developed through growth

RENEWABLE- these will never run out and can be used over and over again. They are infinite resources. They are also very sustainble e.g wind power and  biofuels

NON RENEWABLE-these are being used up and are not sustainalbe as they cant be replaced e.g coal and oil they are finite resources

RENEWABLE ENERGY WIND POWER USA-there are around 13,000 large wind turbines in california. Wind provides california with 5% of its energy requirements

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SUSTAINABLE energy biogas in india- Biogas plants convert organic matter,such as wood chips and animal dung . This ferments and relseases methane which can be collected and burnt in a tank to provide electricity for gas for cooking. These biogas plants provide 57% of the countries energy

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what are the challenges we will face from a growin

-more expensive food

-more expensive fuel-more people will want more fuel

-climate change due to more co2 release

-water shortages as many people already lack enough water

-more migration-as people will want to move to achieve a better quality of life

-war as more individuals competing for resources

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malthus 'we are doomed'

-he believes population grows exponentially where as food is arthmeticallym Meaning people will out grow food

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-food production does not limit population growth due to us finding way of growing crops e.g crop modification and genetic engineering

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-metals prices have gone up due to increasing demand and metals running out

-most metals are now being recycled however it is difficult to recycle silver

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-finite resource - oil is needed in cars, heating and electricity and makes plastic

-get oil by fracking -Fracking is the process of drilling down into the earth before a high-pressure water mixture is directed at the rock to release the gas inside. Water, sand and chemicals are injected into the rock at high pressure which allows the gas to flow out to the head of the well.

-when peak oil is reached it will become difficult and expensive to extract oil

-people believe we have reached peak oil

-oil getting lower and lower could lead to more wars in the future

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energy under pressure


-People becoming richer will mean they will be able to afford new things which could mean energy consumption will increase


The usa and energy security

-the usa has attempted to stabalise areas of human conflict where oil supplies could be cut off

-usa is trying to not be so dependent on importing oil, by seeking new domestic energy supplies from shale gas which can be used in power stations instead of oil

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developing renewable energy

SOLAR ENERGY- can be used to heat water, and to heat and cool living and working spaces it creates electricity by -converting solar energy into electricty using pv cells grouped into pannels


-falling  costs of producing pv pannels

-the rising price of fossil fuels

-goverment subsidies to support renewable energy projects


-increased energy security- with less dependence on imported energy

-protection against international relations

-future proofing energy supplies

-producing the energy needed for industrial growth

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future ways to sort resources

EDUCATION - 240 litre wheelie bins for paper recycling which are emptied for free weekly

advice on reusing  material

wheelie bins for recycling free compost bins

CONSERVATION- energy companies giving grants too building wind turbines

house holders given pv solar pannels and are paid for every kwh of energy

RECYCLING- recycling food and burning it as bio fuel - recycling plastic water bottles and using them to make oil

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