Resource management in TRFs

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Resource management in TRFs

French Guiana:

  • The government of France, which controls the rainforest in French Guiana in South America has refused to allow a gold mine
  • This was decided after an environmental assessment was carried out
  • IAMGOLD, a Canadian Mining company, wanted to mine gold in the Kaw Mountain area-this is close to a rainforest reserve and Kaw swamp which is a Ramsar-listed wetland
  • This area is home to 700 plant species, 100 different animals and 254 bird species
  • The open-cast mine would have affected the biodiversity of the area and put water containing cyanide into the Kaw swamp


  • No permits to mine gold or diamonds in the Imataca Rainforest Reserve or anywhere else in the country have been issued by the government of Venezuela since 2008
  • The country doesn't need to exploit the minerals for economic reasons, due to its oil reserves, therefore it can afford to conserve its forest area
  • Local people were attacked by illegal minors
  • The government will now protect both the biodiversity of the forest and local people
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