Resistant materials, Portability!

examination preparation!


Ok I have received an exam preparation sheet and apparently our exam is based on PORTABILITY!!! mostly with wheels ....

Well there are different types of portable, Ikea portable where you can take it apart and put it together (with ease the majority of the time)

The other type is just where an object can be moved with ease because of its characteristics, e.g wheels or is light


Bins, Suitcases etc

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What do they basically want us to do?

Design a wheeled device which will help with the moving and transporting a range of items!

So like a trolley XD

This is similar to a specification really, these are the things you should research for your exam! .....So Moving and Transporting Items:

  • Ergonomics
  • Portability
  • Health and Safety
  • Product analysis
  • Material and finishes
  • Manufacturing and quantity

Also the methods of which an object can be compact as possible when not in use.

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Thomas Wilkinson


could have given some examples of different types of portability.



would you think smart materials might come up in the exam



So what do we need to know? I know nothing!!!

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