Research methods part 2

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Standardized procedures

All aspects of the study must remain the for each participant. This stops differences in the procedure affecting the results. 


It is essential that the instructions are in the same way, ideally by the same person, for every participant. This can be done by 

* Reading a print out of the instructions 

* Read out to all participants 

* Shown on a computer screen 

* Tape (play out loud )

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Pilot Study

Before the final study is carried out a small scale version should be carried out. This is called the pilot study 

This allows the researcher to test the procedure before doing the large scale study, it allows the researcher to make any necessary changes 

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Staying Ethical

All of these factors below should be thought about before an experiment is done or published 

* You MUST gain informed consent 

* Your procedures MUST NOT cause an discomfort or harm 

* Treat data as confidential 

* A debrief should happen so participants are happy before they leave the experiment 

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