Research Methods.

Different research methods.

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Experimental Designs.

Experimental design is a way of allocating participants to conditions in an experiment. Most experiments have two conditions; e.g. whether participants perform better under noisy or quiet conditions.

Repeated Measures Design - experimental design in which participants take part in each condition. Advantages:

  • Researchers are comparing the same participants; any changes are real changes and not due to the participant changing.
  • More practical; do not need to use as many participants as with independent groups.


  • Order effects; participants may underperform because they are tired or bored.
  • Practice effect; they have done the experiment once already.

Independent Measures Design - experimental design in which participants are different in each condition.


  • Get rid of the order effects; different participants, different conditions.


  • Different participants in different conditions; differences could be down to the individual.



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