Research in to Methods of Stress Management

1 study in to each type of method of stress managemnt, biological and psychological

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Davidson (1993) - Benzodiazepines

A: To investigate if Benzodiazepines have an effect on stress

P: Performed an asessment of BZ usage as a treatment for 75 patients with social - anxiety disorder. Patients were randomly assigned to either the drug or the placebo treatment (dummy treatment with no clinical effect) for 10 weeks and the drug treatment was

F: The drug treatment was found to have an early sustained positive effect. 78% of drug patients improved, only 20% of placebo. Many drug patients reported side effects of unsteadiness, some forgetfulness and loss of concentration. 2 year follow up found a significant advantage in function among those treated with BZ drugs than a placebo.

Co: Suggests that BZs are effective in the short term and the long term

Cr: Did not take in to account that 20% of patients improved even though they only had placebo drugs. 

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Lau et al - Beta Blockers

A: Investigate the effetiveness of Beta-Blockers

P: Performed on a meta-analyis of studies using Beta-Blockers

F: Effective in reducing highblood pressure. Reduced the risk of death by 20% in patients with heart disease

Co: Suggesting they are effective as a lifesaver in some cases

Cr: Didn't take into account whether they helped to reduce stress. Could have been extraneous variables that effected whether they go better or not - such as they took up exercise or quit smoking

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Kobasa - Hardiness Training

A: To investigate whether or not having a hardy personality affects stress levels

P: Tested 8,000 business executives using the Social Readjustment Scale (SRRS) to measure stress levels. Sick days were counted and comparisons were made between different workers.

F: Individuals with the same stress levels had different illness levels. Individuals with high stress levels and low illness scored high on the 3c's (Competition, Control, Commitment)

Co: Having a hardy personality does have an effect on stress levels, the more of a hardy personality you have, the less stressed you'll be

Cr: Kobasa is biased as the creator of the Hardy Personality, meaning the results may not be reliable if they had been manipulated

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Jay and Elliot - Stress Inoculation Therapy

A: To investigate the effects of Stress Inoculation Therapy

P: Developed a videotape for parents of 3-12 years olds with leukaemia who were undergoing bone marrow treatment. One hour before treatment, parents were shown a film of a model parent employing self-statements, relaxation techniques and coping imagery rehersal. The parents then practised the skills. 

F: Compared to parents recieving child-focused interventions, the SIT-treated parents showed significanlty less anxiety and enhanced coping skills

Co: This implies SIT to be an effective treatment for acute, short term stressors

Cr: Small sample means the results may not be generalisable

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