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Vital details and quotes on Rreproduction, AID, IVF, Surrogacy and AIH.

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AIH (Artifical Insemination to Husband)

  • Seman ejected from man and inserted into the womans womb
  • Christian theologian writers believed that abortion is on par with it as the seman is a 'person'
  • some believe that the womb is only an incubator
  • Situation ehtics believe that it takes place within marriage and the purpose is good, it's acceptable when no other option available
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AID (Aritifical Insemination by Donor)

  • Medically supervised, screened for defects
  • Man only able to donate 10times
  • Social father may feel inadept
  • Legal until 1987 child was illegitimate, can cause problems for child in future for example hereditry illnesses
  • Some Believe sperm donation 'mechanical adultery', introducing someone else into a marital relationship
  • ownership and autonomy
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Pos + Neg of AID/AIH


  • Overcome Childless ness
  • Most loving outcome


  • Can cause stress as one parent could be related whilst other is not
  • Could be classed as playing God
  • Designer babies
  • Do we have the right to a child or is it a gift from God?
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IVF (Invitro Fertilization)

  • Ovum removed from woman's ovaries- mixed with husbands sperm in tetre dish and if fertilization occurs- its played in the womb
  • first IVF took place in Britian, the baby produced was called Louise Brown
  • Useful if fallopian tuves are destroyed or damaged
  • Creates spare embroys, what do we do with them? Reuse, freeze, destroy or medical research?
  • 7000 babies in UK have been born using IVF
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Pos + Neg of IVF


  • Older women have chance to children, their emotional stable and experienced
  • Children able to care for parents
  • Bible-old age= blessing
  • Increase scientific knowledge on fertility (Kant- 'means to an end', therefore wrong)


  • Could cause congential defects which only surface when the child is older
  • parents are old, can cause child stress looking after them
  • defies nature and natural law
  • meddling in matters that belong to God
  • Slippery slope-first step to cloning
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Warnock Report

  • cannot be kept alive for more than 14days, otherwise=criminal offence
  • no embryo subject to research or be transfere to a woman
  • no male or female can donate more than 10times
  • surrogacy not an offence, agencies or professional, or money are.
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Surrogacy (ownership, identity and autonomy)

  • woman carries a foetus and bears a child on behalf of another person + agree to surrender the child to this person at birth or shortly after
  • may be anonymous or friend
  • surrogacy act 1985= an offence to arrange or agree to take part in surrogacy for money not an offence to be a surrogate if no money changes hands
  • illegal to advertise
  • child belongs to surrogate, until handed over
  • has right not to hand over child in the end if wises
  • what if child is disabled and neither party what it?
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  • cloned tissue can be used for transplants but is not permitted for a full human
  • seen as unethical, offence to human dignity
  • create psychological problems for the cloned child-identity? Personhood?
  • Playing God
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