reproduction questions

malaria parasites and fungi

  • in fungi, asexual reproduction is used to spread and multiply the organism in favourable conditions
  • fungi generally reproduce asexually except if conditions are worse
  • malaria parasites use both types of reproduction in their life cycle
  • asexual reproduction in malaria parasites is done in humans
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advantages of (a)sexual reproduction

  • sexual reproduction leads to variation in offspring and therefore a higher chance of survival
  • asexual reproduction is faster since no time is needed to find a mate
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explain how DNA controls protein synthesis

  • since DNA is double-stranded and therefore too large to leave the nucleus, it is copied into single-stranded RNA (by coding for complementary base pairs)
  • RNA leaves nucleus
  • in RNA, every codon (of three bases) codes for a certain amino acid through mRNA
  • -
  • proteins detach from carrier molecules back to the cytoplasm
  • protein is complete, forms a unique shape
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