Representation and Summary of Data

A description of summary of data

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Data - A series of observations, measurements or facts

Variable - The thing that is measured/observed

Types of Variables -

  • Quantative Variable - One that is given as a number (Height)
  • Qualative Variable - One that numbers cannot be assigned (eye colour)
  • Discrete Variable - One taking specific values (Money)
  • Continuous Variable - One taking a value within a given range (Time)
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Frequency and other measures

Frequency distrubution - Shows how often a variable occured

Cumulative Frequency - Obtained by adding the frequencies

Grouped Frequency - A table in which frequencies are associated with groups or classes, rather than single observations

Terminology - A diagram showing the class boundaries, and the quartiles

Mode - The value that occurs most in a set of data

Median - The middle value of the set of data

Mean - All of the values added up and divided by the amount of observations

Coding - Transformation that is given to a set of data to make it easier/simplier to deal with

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