Representation Theory

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Hall: Representation

  • Representation is the product of meaning through language and is governed by codes.
  • Stereyotyping reduces people to a few traits.
  • The powerful stereyotype the subordinate groups as `different`.
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Gauntlett: Identity

  • The media provides us with `tools` that we use to construct our identities.
  • Pick and mix theory: The media today offer us a more diverse range of stars, icons and characters from whom we may `pick and mix` different ideas and personalities.
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Van Zoonen: Feminist Theory

  • Gender is constructed through discourse and it depends on context.
  • Objectification of women is a core element of western patriarchy.
  • Visual and narrative codes for male body spectacle differ from female body.
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Gilroy: Post-Colonialism

  • Colonial discourses continue to inform contemprorary attitudes to race and ethnicity.
  • Civilisation-ism constructs racial hierarchies and sets up binary oppositions based on notions of otherness.
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Butler: Gender Preformativity

  • Identity is preformatively constructed by the very `expressions` that are said to be its results.
  • No gender identity behind the expressions of gender.
  • Preformativity is not a singular act, but a repetition and a ritual.
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bell hooks: Feminist Theory

  • Feminism is a struggle to end sexist oppression.
  • Feminism is a political comittment rather than a lifestyle choice.
  • Race, class and sex decide the extent to which people are exploited.
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Alvarado: Racial Stereotypes Theory

4 types of representation of the black community within western media:

  • The Exotic
  • The Dangerous
  • The Pitied
  • The Humurous
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Mulvey: The Male Gaze

  • Audience have to view characters from the heterosexual male prespective.
  • The camera lingers on the curves of the female body.
  • Relegates staus of women as objects. Female must experience the narrative by identification with the male.
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Dyer: Star Persona

  • The star is a construction and not a real person.
  • The star is a commidit.
  • The star is an ideology.
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