Renewable Non-renewable Sources


Non-renewable sources

  • Coal 

From fossilised plant. Mined from undergroud. Burned and can be used fro heating and electricity

  • Oil

From a fossilised animals. Found under sea or land. Used for heating, lighting and for powering engines

  • Natural Gas

Found under sea and land. Used for heating

  • Nuclear

From radiactive minerals undergroumd. Used to generate electricity.

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Renewable Sources

  • Solar Power -- Usable energy from the sun
  • Wind Power -- Generated using wind turbines. Converts wind energy into electricity
  • Tidal Energy -- Power from the movement in water caused by tides
  • Wave Power -- Energy created by waves in ocean. Used for electricity and pumping purposes
  • Geothermal Power -- From the heat underground in volcanic regions
  • Hydroelectric Power -- From water driving a water turbine and generator
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