Religous Education - B601 Philosphy - Spiritual & Religious Experience

Islam - Spiritual and Religious Experience

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Muslims beliefs about Allah.

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  • He has 99 names - e.g The Creater, The Merciful, The Guardian
  • Muslims believe he is the most supreme being, he is everything.
  • 100th name only the 'magic camel' knows because Muslims can never fully know Allah.
  • Muslims believe in one God - Allah. Idolatry is prohibited, it is a sin - a shirk.


  • the belief there is only one God
  • Allah is the creater and controls everything
  • Allah unites everything

Muslims may express this belief through art, worship and everyday living.

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The Five Pillars of Faith

Explain and define the Five Pillars.

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Shahadah - Declaration of Faith.
The statement 'there is no God but Allah and Muhammed (pbuh) is the messenger of Allah.

Salah - Prayer.
Should be done five times a day; dawn, noon, mid-afternoon and nighfall .

Zakah - Compulsory payment.
2.5% of a muslims yearly earning should be given to charity to benefit the poor, purify the donator and worship Allah.

Sawm - Fasting.
Each year during the Islamic month of Ramadan no food, drink, smoking or sex within daylight hours 9dawn until sunset.

Hajj - Pilgramige to Mecca.
Once in their lifetime, providing they are fit and healthy enough and can afford it, a muslim should visit mecca during the month of Dhul.

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Muslim Funeral

What happens at a Muslim Funeral?

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  • At death, people gather around the dying person and recite the Shahadah. 
  • They then hope for a life in paradise.
  • The eyes are closed.
  • The body is washed in a special way - ghusl - by a member of the same sex.
  • Wudu takes place.
  • The body is perfumed and traditionally wrapped in three white cloths, five for a female, following the example of Muhammed.
    Often these are ihram - the sheets worn during Hajj.
  • No coffin (but have to in Britain). No cremation - body is needed.
  • Only men attend the funeral.
  • Judgement day arrives - Heaven or Hell?
  • Salut-ul-Janazah - The prayer that is recited at the Graveside.
  • Dua al mayyit - Perseonal Prayer.
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