Religious views towards transplant surgery

The views of christians and Muslims

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Most Christians- GOOD

Organ donation is a loving act which follows Jesus' teachings to love one another.

A body is needed in heaven.

It is a way of saying thankyou to God for giving you life.

Jesus healed people and he would want his followers to do the same.

L- Loving Act

H- Heaven

T- Thank You

F- Followers

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Some Christians- BAD

People should not 'play God'

Organs are an essential part of a human which God has created. It would be wrong to replace part of a person.

Transpalnt surgery interferes with God's plans for each of us.

If someone has destroyed there body some christians argue that they should not be given another chance.

P- Play God

E- Essential part

I- Interferes

D- Destroyed Body

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Muslim Views


The Qur'an teaches that the body should ntot be interfered with after death.

They believe that on the day of judgement the body will be resurrected. Therefore all the organs will be needed.

It violates the Sanctity of Life.

Q- Qur'an

D- Day of Judgement

S- Sanctity of Life


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These organs are not essential  and therefore it will not affect them on the Day of Judgement.

D- Day of Judgement


They believe that saving a life overrules all the arguments against.The Qur'an states "Whoever saves the life of one person it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind"

Muslim Law permits donation

O- Overrules

L- Law

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