Religious views on Death and the elderly.

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Christianity and Islam on Euthanasia.

CHRISTIANS believe that HUMAN LIFE IS SACRED. This means that each life has a purpose and is distinctive and unique. They believe that this special aspect of human life comes from GOD.

  • "Do not kill"
  • "A season is set ofr everything a time to be born and a time to die."
  • "Treat others in the way that you would like to be treated."


MUSLIMS teach that:

  • "ALLAH has a plan."
  • "ALLAH knows best."
  • "Euthanasia is a form of suicide."
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Christianity and Islam on Life after death.

CHISTIANS AND MUSLIMS believe that there are 2 destinations after death: HEAVEN and HELL.


GOD judges according to his two qualities of LOVE and JUSTICE.

CHRISTIANS believe that eternal life begins at the moment they become christian.

JESUS rose from the dead. If he rose from the dead there must be life after death.

IMMORTALITY OF THE SOUL - when the body dies the lives on with GOD.

Life has a purpose.

Judgement after death - good life = reward, bad life = punishment.

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Christianity and Islam on Life after death. (conti

ISLAM teaches that ALLAH has got full control over all that happens.

  • Nothing can happen unless it is permitted by ALLAH. However ALLAH has also given humans free will so they are able to choose between right and wrong and are therefore responsible for their ations.
  • This life is preparation for the eternal life to come. Humans have one life and it is up to them to choose how they live it.
  • "Nor can a soul die except by ALLAH's leave."
  • "And to every soul will be paid in full the fruit of its deeds and ALLAH knoweth best all that they do."
  • "Of the good that they do nothing will be rejected of them; for ALLAH knoweth well those that do right."
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Christianity and Islam on Life after death. (conti

MUSLIMS believe that on a day decided by ALLAH and known only to ALLAH, life on earth will come to an end and ALLAH will destroy everything.

On this day all the people who have ever lived will be raisd from the dead and will face judgement by ALLAH.

MUSLIMS believe that they will remain in their graves until this day. This day is known by several names, the most popular include: The Day of Resurrection, The Day of Judgement and The Last Hour. ALLAH will balance the good deeds a person has done in their life against the bad ones.


Even people who have lived bad lives will be able to enter paradise when they have been punished and shown themsleves to be truly sorry.

However not all MUSLIMS believe that everything can be forgiven.

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