Religious Studies Unit 9 - Christianity Key Words - Worship and Celebration

All of the key words and defenitions from the worship and celebration section

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A time of spiritual preparation for Christmas

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Believers' Baptism

The baptism of people who are old enough to understand the sacrament

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Charismatic Worship

Worship involving spiritual gifts such as speaking in tongues and healing

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The belief that the Eucharist remembers and keeps alive the last supper of Jesus, but nothing happens to the bread and wine

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The sacrament when people confirm for themselves the promises made for them in infant baptism

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A service celebrating the sacrifice of Jesus using bread and wine

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Holy Week

The week before Easter Sunday

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The 40 days leading up to Easter

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The name given to the Eucharist liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church

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Non-liturgical Worship

Worship which does not have nay set ritual or form of words

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Real Presence

The belief that Jesus is present in the bread and wine of the Eucharist

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The belief that the bread and wine become the body and blood of Jesus

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