Religious Studies Unit 9 - Christianity Key Words - Living the Christian Life

All of the key words and definitions from the living the christian life section

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Active Life

The life lived by religious orders who work in society as well as praying

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Voluntary giving to those in need

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Contemplative life

The life of prayer and meditation lived by some religious orders

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Displaying religion

Making a show of your religion e.g. by praying in the street

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The evangelical counsels

The vows of poverty, chastity and obedience

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Holy orders

The stauts of a priest, bishop or deacon

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A person who acts in a way that contradicts what they say

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The Law of Moses

The laws God gave to Moses in the Old Testament

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The Monastic life

Living as a monk or nun in a religious community

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Religious Community

A religious order who live together ad a group e.g. the Benedictines

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The Sermon on the Mount

Jesus' description of Christian living

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A call from God to lead the Christian life

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