Religious Studies Unit 9 - Christianity Key Words - Community and Tradition

All of the key words and defenitions from the community and tradition section

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Anglican Churches

Churches that are in communion with the Church of England

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The belief that the Church is founded on the apostles who were appointed by Jesus

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Specially chosen priest who is responsible for all the churches is a diocese

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Universal or worldwide

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Living without engaging in any sexual activity

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All of the people of the Church who are not chosen to be Bishops, Priests or Deacons

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New Testament

The second part of the Bible which records the life of Jesus and the early church

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Nonconformist Churches

Protestant Christians separated from the Church of England (e.g Methodists)

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Old Testament

The first part of the Bible which Christians believe foretells Jesus

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Making someone a Priest by the sacrament of the holy orders

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Orthodox Churches

National Churches which are in union with the Patriarch of Constantinople (e.g. The Russian Orthodox Church)

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The office of the Pope

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