Religious Studies Unit 1 Believing In God

Religious studies unit 1 believing in God explained...

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Religious Experience

Religious experience = direct contact with God = stronger belief in God

Numinous experience - presence of God, awareness of something greater than you (God), this feeling may lead to a belief in God....example of somewhere you can feel this = in a religious building, in a beautiful place etc

Conversion - great experience which leads to people wanting to change their way of life, religion, commit themselves to God... God is calling them.

Miracle - breaks laws of science, only explained by God = God must exist.

Prayer - contacting God. Answered prayer = belief in God. Feels like God is listening = belief in God.

Disproves God's existence

  • numinous experiences caused by surroundings, could have nothing to do with God
  • all miracles can be explained
  • there are more unansweres prayers than answered prayers = No God.
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