Religious Studies - Unit 1

Peace Forgiveness and Reconcilliation, Attitudes towards War, Pacifism and Suffering in Religious beliefs/traditions

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Conflict - Clashes and breakdowns of relationships (eg. war)

Interfaith Dialogue - Exploring common grounds between different faith groups through conversation between members of different faiths

Non-Violent Protest - A statement of disapproval that is made without the use of physical force/threat (eg. a peaceful march)

Reconciliation - Making up or creating harmony after a period of conflict and disagreement (eg. a couple getting back together after a row)

Just War - A war that is considered to be morally acceptable and right, to protect the innocent and restre justice 

Pacifism - The belief that all violence (including 'just' war) is wrong

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Peace can be kept by showing selfless love, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, kindness, compassion and by following the Golden Rule (to love your neighbour as yourself) 

Can Religion create Peace?

Yes, because

  • Many religions do work together to create peace
  • Anything can be accomplished through prayer and trust/faith in God
  • Religion can inspire people to seek justice and peace
  • Theocracies - some governments are run by religious believers

No, because

  • War and conflict is a part of human nature
  • So long as there are different beliefs, there will always be wars
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The importance of Forgiveness in Christianity

Everyone needs to be forgiven to escape punishment in hell 

Forgiveness is part of the Lord's Prayer

Jesus asked that God would forgive his murderers

When a person is forgiven through faith in Jesus Christ they are forgiven forever

Is Forgiveness possible? 

Yes, because

  • It is a command from God
  • Jesus died on the cross so we could be forgiven
  • Many people do forgive each other

No, because

  • Revenge is a fact of life and a natural reaction to injustice
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Some Christians in the Church of England may believe in Just War, Christians must obey ruling authority and defend their families and serve their country

Others in the Church of England may believe war involves murder (which goes against the sanctity of life) and others may be pacifists 

Some Christians in the Baptist Church may wish to defend other countries that are being attacked, and believe that doing nothing about evil can be seen as agreeing with it

Others may believe that the Golden Rule rules out war. They may say war brings about greater suffering, and that Jesus was against war  

Just War is a war that 

  • Is started by a state or its ruler
  • Has a just cause and a chance of winning
  • Is a last resort
  • Promotes good overall
  • Uses the minimum amount of force needed to win
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