Religious studies religion and citizenship: religion and work.

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Work: The occupation of a person. This may be paid work or voluntary work.

Unemployment: Where a person has no paid work.

Trade Union: An organisation such as the TUC who campaign for the rights of workers.

Vocation: a calling to work in a specific field; called by God for special work. It often serves people and possibly serves god.

Minimum wage: is the legal minimum payment an employer can pay a worker.

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General religious attitudes to work

Religious people think that it is important to work as it is good for the person and it benefits society in many ways.

They recognise that unemployment is unavoidable, they do not think it is good for a person to be with out work.

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General attitudes to voluntary work

In general religious believers are happy to see people in jobs which benefit others, such as teaching, nursing etc. These jobs are often referred to as having a VOCATION which means that it is aiming to serve others and, quite possibly, therefore serve God.

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Christianity's religious teachings

"The lord took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and take care of it" - it is good for people to work for their survival.

"What you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me" - help those who cannot help themselves.

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Islam's religious teachings

"No one eats better food than that which they have earned by their own labours" - it is good to work to produce what you have.

"He who eats and drinks while his brother goes hungry, is not one of us" - Look after those who cannot work to provide for themselves.

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