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What are the points against sex before marriage in

Before god created the world, the intended that sex should only take place in marriage so by having sex before marriage is against the will of god .One of the man purposes of sex is to reproduce by having sex after you get marriage children can be brought up in a stable family.

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What are the points for sex before marriage in Jud

The Judaism teaches that sex should not be treated casually, sexual constraint is important so you should only have sex it you are in a committed relationship. God’s first commandment to Adam and eve was to go forth and multiply so some Jews may say that it is acceptable as long as no contraception is used

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What are the points against sex before marriage in

Jewish law also forbids sexual contact short of intercourse outside of the context of marriage, recognizing that such contact will inevitably lead to intercourse. Sex before marriage degrades the purpose of marriage as one of the main purposes of marriage was to strengthen the bond between a man and his wife.

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What are the points for contraception in C?

The Catholic Church accepts natural methods of contraception as there is a chance of a pregnancy taking place. Some forms of contraception also prevent the transition of sexual diseases and the bible says that we should treat our body’s like temples therefor it is acceptable to use contraception to stop us from becoming ill.

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What are the points against contraception in J?

The 1st commandment from god was be fertile and increase, by using contraception you prevent this from happening therefore you are going against the will of god. It is wrong to waste seed. Every Act of sex should be open to the possibility of having children. Not full bonding 

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What do Christians believe about marriage?

Marriage should be between a man and a woman. Marriage is for life; till death do us part’. Marriage joins two people physically and spiritually. RC- marriage is a sacrament; bring couple closer to god. Stable and secure, correct situation for children to be brought up in.

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What are the points for divorce in Christianity?

Jesus taught that divorce is acceptable when a party has committed adultery. An annulment of the marriage can take place if there was never a true marriage in the 1st place. CoE divorce is acceptable but they can only remarry if they are able to find a vicar willing to marry them.

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What are the points for divorce in Judaism?

A man can initiate a divorce if the finds ‘some indecency in his wife’ the couple have to apply to bet din the get a get however if the man refuses to give the get the woman is an agunot, and are unable to remarry. A man can marry straight away but a women must wait 92 days.

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What are the symbols in a Jewish marriage ceremony

Chupah- represents privacy and open sides, hospitality. Circle- he is centre of her world. Ketubah- stating responsibilities of the groom and is given to the bride by the groom. Breaking of glass – destruction of the ancient temple in Jerusalem and holocaust victims.

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What are the points for same sex relationships in

Just because it is unnatural does not mean it is wrong. It is unnatural to wear earrings. Can the bible really be trusted as the same bible says that a man or woman that is a fortune teller should be put to death? Some churches have blessing ceremonies for homosexual couples. Bible was written a long time ago.

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What are the points against same sex relationships

The Old Testament condemns homosexuality therefore homosexuality is wrong. The 1st thing god said to Adam and eve was to go forth and multiply same sex relationships aren’t open to the possibility of children. Modern research suggests that homosexuality is not a choice.

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