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What are the Muslim views on suffering?

Allah’s creation was perfect they believe all good actions came from Allah and all bad ones come from shaytan-he was an angel that disobeyed God, he tempts people into sin by portraying evil as a good thing, muslins must resist shaytan because they have free will, they believe our actions are predestined but we still have a responsibility for our actions. They don’t believe in the original sin, they believe that every baby is born in submission to Allah they have a fresh start.

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How can religions support peace by talking to each

Corrymeela (Means hill of harmony) is an ecumenical centre which aims to build relations between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland by providing a safe environment for dialogue between communities between communities. As well as this it works around the world helping those who are experiencing problems because of divisions

They run a seed group that offers people aged 18-25years the opportunity to come together for six weakens over a period of six months. The aims of these seed groups are to build bridges of trust, understanding and personal friendship.

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How can religions support peace by talking to each

Neve shalom (oasis of peace) - it was started in 1972 by a monk because he believed in peace. They seek to bring reconciliation between Jews and Muslims and develop ideas of peace, respect and co-existence. By teaching respect for all religions and showing that people can live side by side peacefully

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How to Christians respond to suffering?

Own suffering – turn to God in prayer, story of Job reminds Christians that suffering isn’t necessarily a punishment and that God is in control, remember: Jesus suffered, they will be rewarded in heaven. Others suffering-pray for and with suffering, offer practical help e.g contribute to a food bank, volunteer for relief agency, donate to charity (some Christians tithe) give money to Christian aid.

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How to Muslims respond to suffering?

Own suffering-accept it is part of Allah’s plan QADR, Muhammad’s suffering, remember Allah may be testing them, remember they will be rewarded. Others suffering-offer practical help, volunteer for relief agency, all Muslim’s are expected to give zakat (2.5% of wealth to help the poor and the needy), give money to Muslim aid.

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