Religious Studies Key words

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Key Words 1

Abortion The deliberate termination (ending) of a pregnancy, usually before the foetus is 24 weeks old.

Adoption The legal process where a person (child) is taken (adopted) into the family as a son or daughter.

Ageism Prejudice against someone because of their age, leading to discrimination.

Animal experiments Testing on animals, either for medical or cosmetic purposes, to ensure that the product is safe for use by humans.

Biological weapons Weapons that have living organisms or infective material that can lead to disease or death.

Blessing The idea that God has favoured a couple with a child.

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Key Words 2

Chemical weapons Weapons that use chemicals to poison, burn, paralyse humans and the natural environment.

Class Social group or caste, position in society.

Conception The moment the sperm fertilises the egg.

Conflict Fighting, a state of discord or war.

Creation Belief that God created the universe and everything in it.

Discrimination To act against someone on the basis of sex, race, religion, etc. Discrimination is usually seen as wrong.

Embryo Fertilised ovum at about 12 –14 days when implanted into the wall of the womb.

Ensouled Receives a soul.

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Key Words 3

Factory farming When animals are used for meat or dairy products, but are kept indoors in very small spaces.

Genetic modification Plants and animals that have had their natural make-up altered by scientists.

Holy war Fighting for a religious cause or God probably controlled by a religious leader.

Just War A war that the Christian Church defi nes as acceptable: this must fi t certain criteria. The idea was developed by St Thomas Aquinas and the Roman Catholic Church.

Justice Bringing about what is right, fair, according to the law or making up for a wrong that has been committed.

Pacifism The belief of people who refuse to take part in war and any other form of violence.

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Key Words 4

Peace An absence of war and confl ict, which leads to happiness and harmony.

Positive discrimination Treating people more favourably because they have been discriminated against in the past.

Prejudice Unfairly judging someone before the facts are known. Holding biased opinions about an individual or group.

Pro-choice Slogan used for the view that women should have the right to choose whether or not to have an abortion.

Pro-life Slogan used for the view that supports the right to life of the foetus.

Sanctity of life Life is sacred because it is God-given.

Stewardship The idea that believers have a duty to look after the environment on behalf of God.

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Key Words 5

Vegan A person who will not use any animal product.

Vegetarianism The belief held by people that do not eat meat.

Viable The point at which a foetus could survive if it were to be born.

Vivisection The cutting up of animals for scientifi c experiments.

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