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Beliefs and Values

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Beliefs and Values

Define Mishnah

  • the oral law
  • commentary on the Torah and was written down around 200CE
  • included in the Talmud
  • contains all major rabbinical opinions from Rabbi Judah The Prince's time
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Beliefs and Values

Define the Talmud

  • combined Mishnah and the Gemara
  • from around 400CE
  • some beliebe it was given to Moses by God
  • ..holds a very high status
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Beliefs and Values

Define the Responsa

  • replies/answers from learned rabbis to other rabbis
  • answers questions concerning technology development
  • eg driving on the Sabbath
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Beliefs and Values

Define Codes

  • compiled between the 11th and 15th century
  • eg Mishneh Torah (revision of the Torah)
  • compiled by Maimonides in 1167 and Rabbi Joseph Caro in the 16th century
  • Rabbi Joseph Caro wrote the Shulchan Aruch
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Beliefs and Values

Define Halakhah

  • comes from the root 'to go'
  • refers to the entire range of jewish law and practice
  • contains religious, social, familial and personal obligations
  • eg Mitzvot, Marriage, Prayer
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Beliefs and Values

Define the Bet Din

  • also known as the 'house of Justice'
  • Jewish court of law
  • has 3 rabbis
  • deals with religious divorces, kosher food licenses for butchers and restaurants and disputes
  • Deuteronomy "You shall appoint judges and officers in all your towns.. and they shall judge the people righteously"
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Beliefs and Values

Define covenant

  • a two sided promise
  • usually between God and the jewish people
  • eg, Moses, Abraham, Noah
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Beliefs and Values

Define the Brit Milah

  • circumsion
  • symbolises the entry of jewish males into the covenant between God and the jewish people (Abraham)
  • takes place at hoime
  • baby boy is 8 days old
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Beliefs and Values

Define the Bat Mitzvah

  • coming of age ceremony
  • for girls at the age of 12
  • recognisies that they have matures to adults
  • they take responsibility for their life and promise to lead a good jewish life
  • means "daughter of commandment"
  • Progressive and liberal
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Really useful, helped show me the way of the Jewish religion 4 minutes before my exam, and I passed!

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