Religious Studies - Islam (Edexcel)


Brief notes on exaplaining what each topis is about and the miportance of them.

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  • Declaration of faith in Allah & PM
  • Foundation of Islam
  • Supports Tawhid
  • Sums all beliefs

When is it used?...

  • Repeated in Salah
  • Last words you say/hear whe  you die
  • Recited in the adhan
  • Said when there are new converts to Islam

Significance to life of Muslim...

  • Understands absolutness of Allah
  • Gives purpose to Muslim existance
  • Humans have responsibility to live accordingly to the will of Allah
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  • Five daily prayers (2nd Pillar of Islam)
  • Communication to Allah
  • Face Qiblah direction
  • Perform actions & recite in arabic


  • Command to worship in Qu'ran
  • Punishment for those who don't pray
  • Follows footsteps of PM
  • Confirms the Shahadah, commitment to Allah


  • Allah has priority
  • Disciplines a person = punctuated
  • Improves the behaviour = away from sin
  • Brings identification to Muslims
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  • Helps fellow Muslims
  • Obligatory duty
  • Wealth is given to people by Allah, so it should be shared
  • Follow footsteps of PM and Allah's commands
  • Test for the believers


  • Submission to Allah's will
  • Command in the Qu'ran
  • Purifies wealth
  • Supports the Ummah
  • Removes selfishness and greed
  • Creates equality
  • Promotes community cohesion
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Zakah (Ummah)

  • Muslims have a duty to help others
  • PM said, Anyone who eats their fill while their neighbour is hungry is not one of us
  • Zakah remids people of equality - gives the same purpose for the Ummah
  • Qu'ran commands to pay zakah
  • Unites the Ummah - Shows an act of ibahdah (faith)
  • Giving money to the poor strengthens the ummah
  • Helps gain spiritual reward


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  • Fasting - going without food or drink (4th pillar of Islam)
  • Make an extra effort NOT to do bad things - discipline
  • Act of Ibahdah - showing obedience
  • Sharing ecperience with the Ummah


  • 9th holiest month of the Muslin Calendar
  • Night of Power - Qu'ran was revealed to the PM on this night
  • Gates of Paradise are OPEN, and Gates of Hell are CLOSED
  • Muslims try to complete the Qur'an by the 27th night
  • Give charity for extra reward during this month
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Sawm - Benefits

  • Develops self control - Eliminates indulging on ceratin things
  • Spend more time focusing on Salah & Ibahdah
  • Empathise with those who suffer
  • Increase spiritual strength
  • Focus on self purification
  • Strenghtens the Ummah

When Fasting...

  • Read Qur'an
  • Pray special 'taraweeh' prayers
  • Do good deeds
  • Give extra to charity
  • Spend the last 10 night in seclusion
  • Time to forget and to forgive
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  • Fesitval of breaking fast
  • Signifies breaking of bad habits
  • Zakah-ul-Fitr given to poor to enjoy fesitivty
  • Prayers are read on open grounds


  • Time for forgiveness - make ammends
  • Id unites the Ummah in joy
  • Reminder of harmony/equality/compassion
  • Time forgiving and sharing - reflects their own duties to help the needy
  • Time to appreciate family, friends = responsibility
  • Marks the end of Ramadan = begining of a new focus
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  • It is the fifth pillar of Islam
  • Compulsory duty (excluding those who arent finacially able or are ill)
  • Pilgrimage to Makkah
  • PM was born there, and the first revelation was revelaed here
  • Collective worship = Ummah

Ihram (Clothing) ...

  • 2 pieces of white unsewn material
  • It shows purity, equality, unity of the Ummah

Forbidden during Hajj...

  • Sexual relationships
  • Shaving, cutting hair or clipping nails
  • Killing/hunting/fighting/arguing
  • Women cannot cover their face
  • Men cannot wear stitched clothing
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  • Circling the Ka'bah 7 times
  • Awareness of God = God conciousness
  • Gives focus to Allah alone
  • Gives identity strength
  • Shows INSIGNIFICANCE of creation compared to its creator

Events at Hajj, Significance...

  • The Ka'bah is the focus for worship - being submissive to Allah
  • Following footsteps of PM
  • Makkah is the holiest city for Muslims
  • Reminds Muslims that they are part of the Ummah
  • Awakens the soul - giving spiritual fulfillment
  • Oppurtunity to seek forgiveness, and for reward
  • Build stronger relationship with Allah
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Hajj - Arafah

  • Muslims travel from Mina to Arafah
  • Climax of Hajj
  • Where Adam and Eve were separted then reunited
  • PM gave his final sermon here
  • Stand at this Mt. begging for mercy
  • Reminder of Day of Judgement (DoJ)


  • Allah forgives sins that the Muslims confess to
  • Start a fresh new life - much like a new born baby
  • Muslims show commitment to Allah = Obeying him, standing there in scorching heat
  • Reminds people of their INSIGNIFICANCE to Allah, the Creator
  • Without this stand, Hajj is invalid
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Hajj - Mina

  • Valley between Muzdalifah and Arafah
  • Camp Overnight, spending the night in prayer
  • Shave/clip hair,
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