Religious Studies GCSE (1) - Relationships

The following cards spilit the content of RS WJEC GCSE - Short Course 1- Topic 1 into manageable chunks. However, some of the topic's content do interlink and can be connected apporpriately in a particular exam question and style of question, as long as focused.

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Relationships Content

Key Words and examples:- Qa)

Chastity- No sex before marriage, to stay sexaully pure. For example, a chastity ring is asymbol of their commitment not to have sex before marriage.

Commitment- Commitment is a choice to devote yourself to something or someone. For example, vows are said within marriage to stay faithful to your husband/wife.

Conflict- Arguments or disagreements of opinion between two or more people in a relationship. For example, within marriage, sometimes conflict can be caused over financila or social worries and sometimes lead to divorce.

Love- A powerful emotion that joins people together- a connection. For example, a mother's natural affection- agape(unconditional love) and sense to care for her children, to look after them and protect them.

Reconciliation- Forgiving and living past experiences behind after some form of conflict. For example. after an argument a couple may say they are sorry and kiss to show renewed unity.

Responsibilites- A sense of obligation to perform certain actions that your expected to do. A child's duty is to obey their parents, like stated in the ten commandments.

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Relationships Content


  • Love is one of the fundamental building blocks of soceity.
  • Christians beleive Jesus lays down the basis for these relationships with two simple ideas: "Love God" and "Love your neighbour".
  • Christians understand the word "love" in different ways. We can define them by four Greek terms:
  •  Storge- Love of objects and animals. 
  • Philia- Love of friends and family.
  • Eros- Sexual or physical love between two people.
  • Agape- Unconditional love, the love God and Jesus showed.


  • A sense of dedication or devotion towards something or someone.

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