Religious Studies - Evil and Suffering

A quick overview of the different Christian responses to the problem of evil and suffering.

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How evil and suffering cause people to question be

Some people cannot believe that an Omnipotent (all powerful) 

and Omnibenevolent (all loving) God exists, due to the problem of evil and suffering. 

If God is Omnipotent, he has the power to stop evil and suffering.

If God is Omnibenevolent, he will want to stop evil and suffering.

As there is evil and suffering in the world, this God cannot not exist. 

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Response 1

God is divine.

Therefore, God has his reasons for allowing evil and suffering, 

but humans will never be able to understand them

as they cannot understand the ways a

divine mind works. 

"The reason for evil and suffering is beyond human comprehension."

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Response 2

Adam and Eve ate the fruit and ruined the paradise

God had created.

Humans let themselves ruin a world with no 

evil and suffering, and now they have to live in it.

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Response 3

Life is preparation for paradise. People need to 

face evil and suffering in order to become

kind, good and loving.

Those who suffer will be rewarded with 

eternal paradise when they die.

In heaven, God will reward these people to show his

Omnibenevolence and Omnipotence. 

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