Religious Studies: Ethics and Christianity

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Wealth & Poverty: the 'North-South' Divide

Problems in developing countries:

Disease: e.g. insect bites or polluted drinking water may spread many harmful diseases such as cholera, malaria, bilharzia, yellow fever, sleeping sickness or diarrhoea.

Debt: money that could otherwise be spent on public services and infrastructure development is used to pay off debt to western countries and organisations.

Drought: too little rainfall causes crop failure which can result in famine and then even civil war.

Poverty: people don't have enough money and so have a low quality of life

Hunger: people are malnourished due to overworking and/or lack of food, leading to a weakening of their immune system. This can also lead to a downward spiral.

Unfair trading conditions: low prices for the goods produced by developing countries and tariffs from trading blocks such as the EU.

Warfare: a destablised country after or during a conflict can be affected by all of the above.

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