Religious Studies - Community Cohesion

The community Cohesion section of the Edexcel Religious Studies Course. Referencing the Folens textbook

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Community Cohesion: A common vision and shared sense of belonging for all groups in society

Discrimination: Treating people less favourably because of their ethnicity / gender / colour / sexuality / age or class.

Ethnic Minority: A memeber of an ethnic group (race) which is much smaller than the majority group.

Interfaith Marriages: Marriage where the husband and wife are from different religions.

Multi-ethnic Society: Many different races and cultures living together in one-society.

Multi-faith Society: Many different religions living together in one society.

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Keywords 2!

Prejudice: Believing some people are inferior or superior without even knowing them.

Racial Harmony: Different races / colours living together happily.

Racism: The belief that some races are superior to others.

Religious Freedom: The right to practise your religion and change your religion.

Religious Pluralism: Accepting all religions as having the right to coexist.

Sexism: Discriminating against people because of their gender.

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Different Christian Attitudes to Equal Rights for

Roman Catholics: Roman Catholics think that men and women are equal but have different roles in life. The Catholic Church says that women can never have a position of leadership in the church. However they deny that women are inferior in the church as Mary is the most important woman in the bible and her status is above Saint or Apostle.

The Protestant Church: The Protestant Churches (Church of England, Methodist and Baptist) believe it is wrong to discriminate against either sex and so women should be allowed to become priests or enter into higher roles in the Church. In 1994 the Church of England ordained its first female priests and in 2008 they were allowed to progress further in the church.

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