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Believing in God Module

-question A responses, 2 marks

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Believing In God

Define omnibenevolent

  • a characteristic of god
  • means all loving
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Believing In God

Define omnipotent

  • a characteristic of God
  • means all powerful
  • an example of this was God sent a flood to destroy the world
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Believing In God

Define omniscient

  • a charcteristic of God
  • means all-knowing
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Believing In God

Define prayer

  • an attempt to contact God
  • can be personal, or impersonal
  • usually through words
  • unanswered prayers may lead to agnostism
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Believing In God

Define miracle

  • when something happens that can not be explained by science
  • may lead to a belief in god
  • e.g. Feeding the 5000
  • e.g. Saint Bernadette at Lourdes
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Believing In God

Define numinous

  • when you feel an awesome/overwhelming power
  • this is said to be god as he is transcendent
  • term by Ruldolf Otto, wind in the willows
  • may happen in a religious place
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Believing In God

Define conversion

  • when someone gives themselves to God
  • goes from either agnostic to atheist, or changes within religions
  • Eg Saul to Saint Paul
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