Religious Studies - Believing in God

key terms on believing in god

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Describes an experience where someone can feel God's presence. When you feel it you may feel that there is a creator.

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 Conversion is where you change from being one religion, to another. For example if you changed your viewpoints, you would want to convert to another religion that then supports your views.


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An extraordinary event that occurs in the physical world which surpasses all known human or natural powers, and it said to be a super natural cause. Such event is considered a work of God.  

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An attempt to contact God directly by 'conversation'. If the person's prayer gets answered, they may feel the presence of GOd.

They communicate to God as thanksgiving, supplication, adoration or confession.

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"Someone must have designed the universe"

The universe is 'complex' so someone must have designed it. William Paley's design arguement (also called the teleological arguement) compared the complexity of living things to the inferior complexity of a watch.

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"There must have been a first cause"

Everything has a cause, so everything that happens is caused by something else. For example if something happened now, it was caused by an earlier event, which was caused by something before that and so on back through time.

This is also called the 'Domino effect' or the 'Mechanical effect'.

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Being 'agnostic' means you are unsure on your religion/what you believe.

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An atheist believes that there is no God and does not believe in the existence of supreme beings.

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Moral Evil

This is when suffering is brought about by the cruel actions of people. In includes things like murder, torture, **** and war.

This person causing the suffereing is able to make the choice about what is morally right or wrong.

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Natural Evil

This type of evil is no one's fault, and is caused by the world in which we live. It includes things like disease, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes.

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All powerful - Nothing is impossible for God.

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All loving and all compassionate - God wants only what is good for us.

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All knowing - God knowing everything that we do, think or feel, now, in the past and in the future.

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