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The Sanctity of Life

The Christian belief that life is sacred and special because it is God given

"So God created human beings; making them to be like himsel." - Life is God given

"You shall not kill." - Lfe should not be destroyed

God has a plan for every human life

Human life is precious

All life deserves respect

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Pro-choice- abortion is agreed, but it isnt a form of contreception

Christians - Catholic - Abortion is always wrong. Goes against the 10 comandments "Do not kill". Foetus may be removed for life saving treatment.

Christians veiw- CofE and methodists - Abortion may be permitted in exteme circumstances eg. ****, mothers life is at risk or the foetus is handicapped, also for social reason eg. Poverty, Money issues.

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Euthanasia - The ending of life to relieve pain or suffering

Christian veiws against Euthansia-

  • "God made humans n his own image"- Human life is a gift from God. It is sacred
  • Death is an event in life, not the end of life
  • Jesus in the new testament heals the sick and the dying
  • God gave man" dominion over every living thing"- humans have responsibility to use Gods gift to the full
  • The body and spirit of the patients need care and love
  • We should learn from suffering, not try to overcome it
  • Other options- Hospices

Christian veiws for Euthanasia-

  • CHRISTIANS IN GENERAL DO NOT AGREE WITH VOLUTARY EUTHANASIA. HOWEVER THERE IS ONE PASSAGE WHICH COULD BE USED TO SUPPORT IT"Then he begged me, 'come over here and put me out of my misery, for im in terrible pain and want to die. so i killed him"
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Suicide- The act of intentionally causing your own death

Christian Veiws- "Do you not know that your body is the temple of the holy spirit.. therefore honor God with your body"- Hurting your body is hurting God

"Suicide contradicts the natural inclination of the human being the preserve and perpetuate their life." - If you commit suicide your stopping what God has planned for you throughout life

Christians provide support for those feeling suicidal, chirch councilling "meet you where you need to be met. Samaritans provide 24 hours a day suicide support

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Human rights; A Baby

Christians (mainly catholics) - Fertility treatments are unnatural and go against Gods plan

Suspicious of donor methods because it brings another person into the realtionship, goes against the teaching "Do not commit adultery"


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Embryo Reasearch and cloning

  • Christian veiws in favour-
  • Improving human life
  • God is love and ending suffering is surely a good thing
  • Life does not begin at cenception


  • wrong to make life of Earth perfect, as only heaven is perfect
  • Life begins at conception
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Us of animals is medical research


  • " and God created man in his image. He created them, male and female" - Humans have souls animals dont
  • "i a putting you incarge of the fish, the birds and all the wild animals"- Humans have dominion over animals


  • "let the earth produce all kinds of animal life" - if you harm animals your playing God
  • "A good man takes care of his animals, but wicked men are cruel to animals" - Animals have the same rights as human, Stewardship on animals
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Christian ideas of love

Eros- Sexual love - Husban wife

Philos- Brotherly or sisterly love

Agape- Christian love

Storge- Family love or loyalty

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Roman Catholic

Rhythm Method - Sex avoided during womans monthly cycle

Abstention- Not having sex


Withdrawal                Sterilisation

The Pill

Morning after pill

Barrier Method


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Wedding Vows

"man and woman become one flesh"- Right place for sexual relationship

love comfort honour and protect- To care support not be rude keep out of danger

forsaking all others- Prioritise husbanf, wife

Be faithful- Be dedicated to your partner

For better for worse- Stand by your partner always

For richer for poorer- Stay with through any money issues

Sickness and in health- Care for them when their ill

Till death do us part- Stay with them until they pass on

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Marriage- Is a legal contract between people that establishes rights and obligations between them. It is where relationships usually intimate or sexual, are acknowledged.

Procreation- to have children
Union- a living partnership of living together
Rearing children- provide love and security
Pattern for societt- Family whit
One flesh- right place for sexual relationshp
Sacred- relatioship blessed by God
Endless- life long commitment

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"But if anyone does not take care of his relatives, especially the mebers of his own family, he has denied his faith and is worse than a nonbeliever- Proiritise your family. Help care and protect them.

"Honour your mother and father"- Obey parents

"If you love your children you will correct them"- Children need to learn from their mistakes

"Forgive each other and God will forgive you"- Everyone makes mistakes. Accept apologies

Church communi is like a family. God is the father, Lookinf down on them, protecting them.

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Part d and e questions

Part D

2 teachings


1 definition

Part E

Brief expliantion of statement

Points and evidence to agree with statement

Points and evidence to disagree with statement

Conclusion- Own veiwpoint

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