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War and Peace

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Name the main causes of war?

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Self defence, National Pride, Fear, Against aggresion or injustice, Over resources.

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Who is the War in Darfur between?

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Sudanese Army funded by                                          A number of different groups

the Sudanese government                 V                    including the sudanese liberation

and Janjaweed an Arab                                              movement and the justice for

Miltary group.                                                              equality movement.

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Whats been happening in Darfur?

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Un claims over 2.5 million people have lost their land and homes. Sudanese government accused of mass killing and violating human rights.

Over 300,00 people have lost their lifes either through fighting or starvating as direct result of war.

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Why are they fighting?

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Factor 1 - years of drought-increasing desertification-so food and resources have become scarce-Nomaidic people forced to move suth- farmers growing cash crops.

Factor 2 - long standing disputes- Sudanese governemt accused of favouring Arabs over Non Arabs.

Factor 3 - National Pride

Factor 4 - Remote location

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What is the United Nations and what does it do?

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An international body set up after WW2- finds solutions to disputes- 192 countries have now joined.

Things it does:

Arms control and disarmement, Organisises peace talks, trade restrictions, peacekepping forces, Militray action.

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pacifism - the idea that all disputes should be solved by peaceful means.

forgiveness - stopping blaming and or pardoning someone for somethng that they have done wrong.

Religious organisations: World council of churches, Pax Christi, Islamic Relief, Muslim peace fellowship.

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