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Changing Attitudes to Gender Roles

Key Words

Discrimination - Treating someone less favourably because of their ethnicity,gender,colour, sexuality, age or class.

Prejudice- The belief that some people are inferior or superior to others without even knowing them.

Sexism- Discrimination against people because of their gender.


The roles of men and women have changed over the last one hundred years.Equal oppotunnites exsist for men and women both in employment and in social standing.There are still problems for women to overcome to reach the top of their career path and sexual equality may be affected by cutural differences. 

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Christian Attitudes to equal rights for women.


"God created man in his own image...male and female he created them" (Genesis 1:27)

Paul taught "Women should remain silent in churches...but must be in submission as the law says"(1 corinthians 14:34) and "a husband has authority over his wife" (Ephesians 5:21)


The bible teaches that men and women are created equal. The teachings of St Paul suggest certain inequalities.The church of england has allowed women priests since 1994 though this has been very controversial. Some other Churches including the Roman Catholic Church forbid the ordination of women priests. 

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Muslim atttudes to equal rights for Women


"All people are the teeth of a comb" (Hadith)

Instructions given in the Qur'an apply equally to men and women for example - "for men and women who engage much in Allah's praise ...Allah has prepared...great reward" (Surah 33:35)


Traditional Islamic teaching says that men and women have different roles as Allah created men stronger so it is their job to protect the women who are required to have children.However modern islamic teaching suggests that men and women have equal but different roles- the women should care for the family and men should provide for them.

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The Uk as a Multi-ethnic society

Key Words

Ethnic minority- An ethnic group that is smaller than the majority group.

Multi ethnic society- Where many different races and cultures live together in one society.

Racial Harmony- Different races living happily together.

Racism- the belief that some races are superior to others.

The Uk is a Multi ethnic socirty. This caused problems of racism at first.Racism still lingers today ,though the situation is much better.Being a multi ethnic society has many advantages especially for understanding and appreciating different cultures and beliefs.It also influences food,music and colthes. 

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Goverment action to promote community cohesion.

Key words

Community Cohesion- A common vision and shared sense of belonging for all groups in society.

Racism in the UK in the past came from fears that immigrants would take people's jobs and houses in result many ended up getting the worst paid jobs and living in the poorest areas. The UK was also afraid of the unknown, fearing that they would change the British way of life.

The goverment introduced measures such as the Race Relations Act to prevent Discrimination.

Today many people are encouraging communities to live and work harmoniously.

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