Religious Philosophy and Ultimate Question - Immortality

GCSE Religious Philosophy and Ultimate Questions:-


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Immortality - Ressurection

Body is an outer shell for the soul

Lazarus ressurected in the Bible

" He who believes in me will live, even though he dies" - Jesus

Jesus resurrected in the Bible

"The resurrection of the body and the life everlasting" - Creed

"Christians will be raised with a new spiritual body after death" - St Paul's Letters

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Immortality - Legacy

Some say you can be immortal through the legacy you leave when you die


Antony Gormley - Angel of the North

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Immortality - With God

Christianity - soul seeks reunion with God

"Christians will be raised with a new spiritual body after deat" - St Pauls Letters

Purgatory - awaiting judgement


Islam - soul seeks reunion with Allah

Interogation by the angel of death - Qur'an

Allah is described to be sorting souls awaiting to cross Sirat Bridge


Barzakh - awaiting judgement

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Immortality - Ghosts

Souls of the dead

Too many experiences to be fake


Some people could believe they are hallucinations/imagined

No evidence

Atheists think there is no soul and once dead that is it


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Immortality - None

Evidence weak

Science provides no proof

Nothing lives on

Brain function ceases - death


No soul - body decays

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