Religious Expression

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Expressing faith through what is worn


  • Respectful clothing is to be worn in places of worship - shoulders are to be covered
  • Many believers will wear symbols of religious traditions out of choice
  • The colour of clothing may reflect wedding or mourning ceremonies
  • Sometimes believers wear things that reflect the culture rather than religion


  • No specific requirements 
  • Some dominations wear specific clothing e.g. Salvation Army wear a uniform. Remind them they stand for war against evil and suffering and fighting for God and salvation.
  • Some wear a cross or crucific around their neck. Reminds them that God is always with them.
  • Some wear a fish symbol as a reminder of ichthus (Greek word for fish) represesnt belief in Jesus
  • In church believers are expected to dress modestly 
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Hinduism - clothing

  • No specific clothing worn
  • Saris worn by women. Cultural rather than religious 
  • Tilak is a symbol of a special occassion or being married
  • Aum is a symbol often worn around the neck. First sound ever spoken.
  • In Mandirs people are expected to dress modestly and shoes are to be removed
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How can faith be expressed through what people wea

  • Wearing particular clothing: particular items e.g. uniform for Salvation Army
  • Readiness for prayer or worship: e.g. priests wear a vestment
  • Obeying a commandment 
  • Symbols of religion e.g. badges - fish sign, cross, crucifix 
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Do religious believers need to make their faith ex

  • Important so show it to others
  • It depends on what happens between you and God not what other people see/think
  • Duty to show the religion I belong to
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Expressing faith through symbols in a place of wor

  • Symbols are used to aid worship 
  • Symbold have a special meaning


  • Crosses and crucifixes inside and outside building - represent death and resurretion of Jesus
  • Stained windows - Bible stories and Jesus' teachings
  • Altar - God meeting people
  • Lectern - where Bible is read & eagle is the spread of  'good news' around the world
  • Pulpit - preaching. Raised to show the importance of the message
  • Font - baptism
  • Some churches have incense - express thanks to God
  • Greek Orthodox churches have iconstasis or screen - symbolise separation between earth and heaven
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Hinduism - expressing faith

  • Shikhara (tower) - symbolises sacredness and moksha (liberation)
  • Havan (fire) - tongue of the Gods
  • Offerings - welcoming the deity as a honoured guest
  • Divas (lights) - symbolise light and good over evil
  • Shape of the mandir - often like a mountain to show where earth meets heaven.
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Why worship in special buildings?

  • Worship as a community
  • Place is sacred - sense of holiness
  • Service teaches on religion
  • Symbols help focus on religion and worship
  • Traditional
  • Meet others with same beliefs
  • A duty - expected to attend every week
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What makes a place conducive to worship?

  • Community activities - choirs
  • Open space to remind the greatness of God
  • Inspirational teachings
  • No talking - able to hear and concentrate
  • Decorations and symbols
  • Ceremonies - Mass, 
  • Sense of welcome and purpose
  • Visual support - stained windows, calligraphy
  • Community together
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How can art express one's faith?

  • Painting icons as an act of worship
  • Symbols reminder of greatness of God
  • Not right? Against 10 commandments by creating graven images and no one knows what he looks like
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Expressing faith through pilgrimage


  • Not a requirement 
  • Often got to Holy land because of connections with Jesus. Bethlehem
  • Some go to Lourdes because of many visions of Virgin Mary.


  • Many will try to visit Varanasi, main city of Shiva
  • Find liberation, accompany cremation ghats and take part in worship
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What makes a journey special?

  • Develop spiritually
  • Able to share journey with people with same beliefs
  • Able to witness something you have read about
  • Once in a lifetime journey
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Can pilgrimage help a person's spiritual growth?

  • Sense of Gods presence
  • Help affirm their religious identity by meeting with others with same beleifs
  • Visit places they have read about
  • Demonstrates a connection with the past
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Is pilgrimage out of date?

  • Part of a tradition that should be passed down through generations
  • Duty in some religions
  • Benefit spiritually as they are together
  • Supports development of a community
  • Brings together different age groups
  • Waste of time and money as it benefits only a few people
  • Virtual tours are on the internet
  • All events are from the past no modern places
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Expressing faith through sharing faith with others


  • Some feel it is important to share their religion - holding meetings, going to houses
  • TV channels try to convert people
  • Some feel interfaith dialogue is important to understand other people


  • Dont convert people but will allow new people
  • Interfaith dialogue is important
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Is there a purpose or value to interfaith dialogue

  • Realise all the values they share
  • Supports peace
  • Important to know whats happening within a community
  • Work together for common causes
  • Understand why people live the way they do
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Is it right for people to share their faith with o

  • Learn about things in common
  • Should be proud
  • Prejudice is ignorance
  • Faith could be personal
  • Some could be discriminated
  • Some feel it is important to share good news from religion
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How should the media be used for religious purpose

  • Never positive images always stereotypical
  • Language can make people become prejudiced
  • Can share positive news stories
  • Can worship through TV if cant get to church
  • Some dont have a TV
  • Need to know where the channels are
  • Afterwards can have a good discussion
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Can a religion give a purpose in life?

  • Religion could be an excuse to thinking for youself
  • will be with you from birth to death
  • Sacred text shows purpose of life
  • Religion is my guide to all I do in life
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How can a belief drive actions?

  • Sacred texts are a guide for all actions
  • Confidence to know what to do
  • Sense of purpose
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Why do people support others?

  • 'Golden Rule' treat others how you want to be treated
  • Duty to help others
  • All made by God
  • Doing good on Earth will be rewarded
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