Religious Experience


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The act of changing faith usually brought about by religious experience. Such as I see in a dream a pink hippo. The pink hippo tells me that it is God. And thus I form a religion worshipping pink hippos. This would be a conversion to hippoism.

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Imaginary vision

An imaginary vision is a vision that happens within the mind's eye. Such as Jobe's ladder, he saw a ladder to heaven in a dream, and he climbed it.

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Corporeal Vision

You see the vision in physical form, such as seeing Moses seeing the burning bush.

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Intellectual Vision

A sudden realisation of the truth that culminates in a new understanding of something, such as the Bhudda's enlightenment wher he achived a a new understanding of the metaphysical dichotomy of reality

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The numinous

Sense of ineffable awe. Experienced with a religious experience, cataclysm and metastorm of emotions.

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Not describable.

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Mysitical Experiences

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Helpful for defenitions. Thanks

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