Religious Experience

Conversion expereinces overview

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Conversion Experiences

* A form of religious experience where someone's life takes a dramatic spiritual turn.

*A person may be converted from no religion to religious belief OR from on religion to another.

*God directly intervenes in someone's life to direct them to religious belief E.G SAUL'S CONVERSION.

*A long period of emotional disturbance comes to an end and a person associates the lifting of 'clouds' with religious belief.

*A person on a long spiritual journey finally ahchieves what they have been searching for 'when the fruit is ripe, a touch will make it fall'.

*A person finds previously unexperienced acceptance within a religious community.

*God reveals himself to a person which leads them to adopt religious belief.

*A troubles or searching mind finally achieveing the answers that it has been searching for.

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Conversion Experiences

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An Imaginery Vision

IMAGINERY: Something that strengthens faith is seen in the mind's eye.

E.G : Jacon had a vision of a ladder to Heaven.

Jacob left Beersheba and went to Heran. Camped for the night in a certain place, found a rock & slept on it... had a dream of a stairway reaching the angels of God of who were going up and down the ladder. God said to him "I am God, the God of Abraham your father and the God of Isaac".

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Imaginery Visions


Imaginery vision: jacob

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Corporial Visions

CORPOREAL: where the object/ figure is externally present.

E.G : The visions of St Burnadette.

Vision an Llordes.

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Corporeal visions


Corporeal Visions

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Intellectual Visions

INTELLECTUAL VISIONS: Bringing knowledge and understanding

E.G : A revelation from God

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Intellectual Visions


Intellectual Visions

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NUMINOUS: mysterium tremendum: the tendency to invoke fear and trembling and mysterium facinans, the tendency to attract, fasinate and compel. Also and experience which has a persoanl quality to it, in that the person feels to be in communion with a Wholly other.


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