Religious Ethics Part 1

Here are some questions to revise from, so you know what to revise for! This is only medical ethics so only 1/2 the Ethics GCSE course but there will be some up soon, hope this helps you!

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Abortion Questions

1) What is Abortion?

2) Name all 6 key biblical quotes about abortion

3) What do Roman Catholics believe about abortion?

4) What organisation counsels and supports women who are pregnant?

5) Do Roman Catholic's believe the foetus is living as soon as the sperm fertilizes the egg?

6) Is the life of the baby as important as the mothers? (RC)

7) What of the 6 bibilical are against abortion?

8) What do Protestant churches believe about abortion?

9) Name the 3 reasons why protestant's let mother's get abortion

10) What is Agape?

11) What are the biblical quotes for abortion?

12) What does SPUC do?

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1) What is Cloning?

2) What are the two methods of cloning called? And what do they do?

3) Name 3 arguments for cloning (general)

4) Name 3 arguments against cloning (general)

5) Name the 4 biblical quotes about cloning

6) Name the 3 reasons churches are for cloning

7) Name the 4 reasons why churches are against cloning

8) What is your opinion on cloning?

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1) What is the definition of Euthanasia?

2) Name the 3 biblical quotes for Euthanasia

3) What is another option other than Euthanasia that Roman Catholic's believe in?

4) Name 3 biblical quotes against Euthanasia

5) Are all churches against Euthanasia?

6) Name 3 Christian reasons for Euthanasia

7) Name 3 Chrisitan reasons against Euthanasia

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1) What is suicide?

2) why do all christians prevent suicide?

3) Why did the people who commited suicide not buried on consecrated ground?

-Most churshes are now compassionate towards people who attempt or commit suicide

4) Name some reasons how christians may support people who are thinking of commiting suicide

5) Why might christians support people?

 6) Name some biblical quotes for ang against suicide

- Jesus protected the weak and defenceless

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Sanctity of Life

1) what does this mean?

2) Name the Key biblical quotes (5)

3) What do these quotes suggest?

4) Definition of Sanctity of Life


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Fertility Treatment

1) What is AID

2) what is AIF

3) What is AIP

4) Does everyone have the right to a child?

5) Name the 2 biblical arguments for

6) Name the 4 biblical arguments against

7) Name some church arguments for

8) Name some church arguments against

9) What do Roman Catholics believe about this?

10) What do protestant churches believe about this?

11) Name some biblical quotes

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Animals and Medical Research

1) What do Roman Catholics and Protestant churches believe about animal testing and what we should do unless we can cure human suffering

2) Name some christian arguments for animal research (5 of them)

3) Name some christian arguments against animal research ( 5 of them)

4) What do some christians believe about animals?

5) what does this mean we can do?

6) Name the the 3 biblical quotes for animal suffering being okay

7) what do other christians believe

8) what does this mean

9) Why do they believe this, what does the bible say? (3 of them)

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that is si help full question



that is si help full question

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