Religious Education - Philosophy and Ethics

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Christians see God as...

Omnipresent God is everywhere

Onmibenevolent God loves everything 

Omniscient God knows everything

Omnipotent God has power over everything

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Christians believe God...

Christians believe that...

Everything has been created by God

Everything in life has a purpose

World created with a sense of design and God is that designer 

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William Paleys theory

William Paley came up with the theory that...

World has a sense of awe and wonder

Looks to be crafted by a designer

Looked the example of the watch

So intrinisic and delicate 

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Argument for the existence of God

God DOES exist!

Only the designer could bring into being that which is designed

Religious believers suggest that GOD is the creator and designer of the Unirverse 

Everything has a designer so that must be God

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Why some people don't have religious belief?

Why do some people NOT have a religious belief?

Some people believe that this world and all the life in it has no spiritual element. We're just a physical matter.

Some people need proof of God's existance

Some people believe there is too much suffering in the world and as God is said to be 'omnibenevolent' Surely he wouldn't allow all this suffering?

Some people believe that religious belief was made up in a pre-scientific era in order to explain things which they could not explain.

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The Bible

The Bible

The Bible is the voice of God

It is used for guidance for people

Its used for a source of authority 

It is respected my Christians

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What is said in the Bible?

What is said in the Bible?

'Love your neighbour'

'Do unot others as you would them do unto you'

;If someone strikes you on the right cheeck, turn to them the other also'

'Father forgive them, for they know not what they do'

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How the Bible might help Christians to make import

Help from the Bible for decisions in life

Chirstians believe its inspired by the Holy Spirit

It contains advice on daily life

Church teachings is based on the Bible which is taught to Christians

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'Choices affect only me'


Humans have free-will

The consequences of their actions only affect them

Self abuse are no concern to others

They choose to shorten their life through self abuse therefore they should suffer with the consequences

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'Choices affect only me'


Christian life involves judgement and they need to demonstrate a good moral attitude therefore they must be helpful towards others

Responsibility towards others is important

It affects everyone you love

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Christianity and the body

What affects the body?





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Christianity and the body


Christians have different views

Wine was used at the last supper

'A little wine is good for the body'

The salvation army do not celebrate sacrament of eucharist (NO ALCOHOL)

Christians set up alcoholic groups to help people

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Christianity and the body


Should respect your body given by God

We are made in Gods image

Affect not only you but others

Free Will

Good Stewards

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'Christians should completely avoid taking drugs'


The misuse of harmful drugs, dependency and addiction

Christians are supposed to setting a good example to others

The harmful effect of drugs on the body

Drugs change the body

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'Christians should completely avoid taking drugs'


Some drugs are helpful

They can help to preserve life which is God-given

Drugs help with pain and diseases

Free Will

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We have a responsibility

God gave the world as a gift

We should be good stewards

He made human in charge of the world 'Have dominion over the fish of the sea and birds of the air'

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Christian teachings

Christianity teaches about being a responsible citizen of the world

Reference to 'love your neighbour'

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